Berkey Water Filter

Berkey Water Filter

Welcome to the official Berkey Water Filter Replacements. You are about to discover an even better Berkey type gravity water filter that is rated even higher than the original and is better priced too! It is the same size as a Royal Berkey Water Filter (3 gallons) and the filters last twice as long. The Berkey Alternatives Filter units take all the standard Berkey filters including the fluoride filter. Gravity Water Filters are the new standard for emergency water purification, crisis water contamination and in natural disaster situations.

These Berkeyk Water Filter replacements show you why these Filters are not only the best looking water filter you will find, they are also among the most powerful of water filters as well. They are built as solid as they loo, with premium stainless steel on the exterior, and a filtering system that rivals home installed units. They are powerful enough to remove pathogens like harmful viruses (99.999%), bacteria (99.9999%), Chloramine (below detectable levels), trihalomethanes (99.8%), pharmaceuticals (99.9%), pesticides (below detectable levels),heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic and even toxic fluoride with the PF2 Fluoride Filter! 


Portable Water Filter System

How owning a Gravity Water Filter System can be one of the best and longest lasting health benefits you can get for yourself and your family. Gravity Filters out parasites, bacteria, pathogens, viruses and harmful chemicals that end up in your home's tap water system. It also leaves in the natural minerals in your water that make your it naturally pH balanced (slightly alkaline.) It is a naturally hydrating water that smells and tastes like pure water should. You will be absolutely amazed at the taste of your drinking water after Berkey Water does it's magic!


The Gravity Water System purifies almost any outdoor water source into ultra clean, pure and healthy drinking water. All at rate of about 1.7 cents per gallon! Gravityi Water Filters are Gravity Water Filters, as they use a natural process of filtering from a higher chamber into a lower chamber. The water to be purified passes through a series of micro filters that each work on a different level to remove the biggest particles first, to the smallest fragments of heavy metal residue, fluoride and tiny microbials. It is the most advanced, longest lasting, most beautiful gravity water purification system on the planet!

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Gravity Water Filter

How the Gravity Water Filter works is you simply pour water from any source (outdoor water, tap water, bottled water, melted ice water) into the top of the filter. Gravity naturally allows water to pass into the bottom chamber (where your purified water is stored) through a series of powerful filtration units inside the top chamber. After a few minutes your purified drinking water is ready, and all you have to do is lift or push the spout at the bottom into the container or glass of your choice. These filters last almost forever and you can even get spare parts (or refurbished ones if you're on a budget.)


You can even get a filters that surpass the Black Berkey filters in capability and longevity. You can keep them handy for emergencies, where you need to filter a lot of water for about a penny per gallon. Berkey Alternatives advanced filtration systems will remove all waterborne contamination and give you a clean and pure drinking water on tap. Highly purified water that tastes great, and will last a lifetime. When you see the thousands of Berkey Filter owners personal testimonials you will see why they will no longer settle for anything less! Check out the new Boroux Filter for the latest gravity water filter.


Gravity Water Purifier

The Gravity Water Purifier (pictured above) are more than just simple water filters. Their filtering capacity in removing harmful contaminants is so good that they are actually classified as Water Purifiers! They are built to that high degree of quality that they not only filter out common things like chlorine and fluoride, but also VOC's (volatile organic compounds) like the toxic herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, larvicides, nitrates and other harmful chemicals.


All you need to do is get the right size water purifier for your own individual needs. You can see the size and capacity details on the individual Gravity water filter review pages at the menu bar on the top of this page or in the Gravity water filer review section at the bottom of this page. Berkey Alternatives gives you safe and clean drinking water from almost any outdoor (or indoor) source. You won't believe in how much of a difference their filtering units make until you actually taste the water.


You'll notice that as a huge benefit when you read the individual Gravity water system reviews and testimonials on the individual Gravity filter pages at the bottom of this review blog. Get your own Gravity Water Purification Unit and you are good to go for a very, very long time – It's guaranteed! They just work, and if you use it a lot, you can get spare replacement filters easily!

berkey water filter fluoride

Do These Filters Remove Fluoride?

One very important question I get asked a lot is “Do These Filters Remove Fluoride?” Because toxic sodium fluoride is being added to almost all city tap water and drinking water sources (most bottled waters too) it is very important that the water filter you own can remove fluoride. The answer is absolutely “Yes!” Berkey Alternatives makes a really good fluoride filter that goes inside of all of their gravity water filters. The Fluoride Water Filter Review shows you how Berkey Alternatives filters out the toxic fluoride added to your drinking water. See: Berkey Fluoride Filter Review for complete details.


If you live in an area that fluoridates your water. You really do want that fluoride removed as it is a nervous system toxin and accumulates in your brain and organs. I highly recommend that you do get the fluoride filter in your gravity Filter. These filters are so powerful they are actually classified as water purifiers, as they not only filter the water but purify it to a high level. Look at the gravity Water Filter Review Comparison and specifications in the sections directly below to see which.


Water Filter Comparison

Here is the latest Water Filter Comparison, that shows you the filter sizes and water storage capacities. compared to the Berkey's Water Filter. It is about the same size as a Royal Berkey. It holds 3 gallons of purified water in it's stainless steel container. Using the new Gravity Filters it will filter up to 12,000 gallons of water so you will rarely have to change a filter. The Berkey black filters had a 6,000 gallon lifespan so it is durable.


Look at the Water Filter Review Testimonials below (in the following paragraph) to see which one will fit your individual or family's lifestyle and needs. All of the Water Filters are made of beautiful polished and BPA free stainless steel and are high end BPA free food grade plastic construction. These units look even better and more polished than the Big Berkey water filters, have higher filtering capacities, and filter out even more than Berkey Filters did. 

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Berkey Alternatives Reviews

How satisfied are Berkey Water Filter Review Customers? You will see many new Berkey Alternatives Reviews (as they have just been released) that shows you how effective and long lasting your Water Filters are. You can see some more reviews on each Berkey Alternatives filter product page as they become available soon. They are even better than most whole house water filter systems. The only whole house water filters that I recommend are the Pure Effect Filters.) Because they have the zeolite and UV filters in them.


The Berkey Alternative Water Filters can be taken anywhere so they are most practical, especially when you're out and about and for emergencies. It can also be a big part of your prepper supplies when you may be without power or have to get your water from unclean water sources or with a high level of lead, heavy metals or chemicals (flushed medicines, fluoride, parasites) that end up in tap water or even river or lake water.


These gravity water filters are the new standard in water filtration. To see the water filter specifications below and get the best portable water filter in the world, made in the U.S See Gravity King Water Filters.

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