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Berkey Fluoride Filter

Berkey Fluoride Filter units can be added to all stainless steel Berkey Water Filters. They remove all the toxic sodium fluoride added to most city tap water. They are easy to install and prime. I use them in all my units (except when going camping as I need it for river or stream water primarily and that is not usually fluoridated. It is very important to get this brain clogging heavy metal out of your drinking water, particularly if you have children or elderly family or friends.


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Berkey Water Filter Fluoride Removal

Berkey Water Filter Fluoride Removal Cartridges remove toxic Sodium Fluoride, which is one of the hardest toxins to remove from drinking water after it has been added. That's why I will keep my Berkey Water Filter for life, because it has this very important benefit that the other portable water filters don't. Having a Berkey fluoride filter is indispensable for use in most cities that fluoridate their water with toxic sodium fluoride. Is Fluoride really that harmful to your health? Is Fluoride safe?


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Is Fluoride Safe?

Sodium Fluoride has been promoted by the ADA (American Dental Association) as necessary to prevent tooth decay. But is Fluoride Harmful or is Fluoride Safe? Is there any evidence to show that sodium fluoride (the kind that is PUT into your drinking water, even bottled, and used for dental treatments) is not safe at any level? Yes, as a matter of fact there is. And it's to your benefit and of your loved ones that you learn the truth about fluoride and quickly remove it from your drinking water, toothpaste and dental treatments.


Fluoride in the form of sodium fluoride is being added to our tap water and drinking water supplies. Most bottled water also has it added in. Most toothpaste has it added in. Does it prevent tooth decay or actually cause poor dental and overall health?


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Dental Fluorosis

Ever hear of dental fluorosis? Sodium Fluoride is a toxic waste product of aluminum processing and needs to be dumped in a toxic waste site. The manufacturers didn't want to have to pay for that, so they created a solution – sell it as a dental and mental health product!


Fluoride is not only a patented rat poison, a main ingredient in Prozac and other anti-depressants (that actually cause suicidal tendencies!), but will eat the enamel off your teeth, cause cracking and dental fluorosis (nasty pits in your teeth.) Not to mention other far more serious health issues.


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Fluoride Side Effects

What are the Fluoride Side Effects? No conspiracy here, just plain simple facts you can research and read for yourself! Here is what fluoride does to the human body:

  • Lowers Your IQ
  • Calcifies your pineal gland (dumbs you down literally)
  • Weakens your Immune System
  • Causes Dental Fluorosis
  • Causes Skeletal Fluorosis
  • Weakens your bones and connective tissues
  • Toxic to your thyroid and endocrine glands
  • Leads to Cardiovascular disease

These are only a FEW of the MANY negative health effects fluoride will have on your brain and body. You need to get it out of your water, toothpaste, home and life asap! Visit this article to find much better fluoride-free alternatives: Holistic Dentistry. There is a reason it was added to the drinking water of prisoners in concentration camps (and the U.S. drinking water supplies!) And it is not for your health!


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How to Remove Fluoride from Water

How to remove fluoride from water? If you are using a Berkey Water Filter System, you can use these powerful fluoride removing water filters. They not only remove 95% of the added toxic sodium fluoride but other harmful chemicals that are showing up in your home's tap water supply. Use the Berkey Fluoride Water Filter PF2 (set of 2) with any stainless steel Berkey Water Filter System and you can sleep a lot better at night!


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Berkey Fluoride Water Filter- PF2

The Berkey Fluoride Filter – PF2 comes in a set of 2 that you use with your standard Black Berkey® purification filters. These powerful fluoride water filters work as a post filter to the Black Berkey Filtration Cartridges and remove a lot of extra toxic stuff that has been allowed into your drinking water.

Berkey Filters Removes or Greatly Reduces the Following:

  • Sodium Fluoride (up to 95%)
  • Arsenic
  • MTBE's
  • Heavy Metals

Add these Berkey fluoride filter units to your Berkey System and never look back. Your body and your family will thank you for protecting their brains and their health. 


Recommended Replacement Schedule:
Replace each set of two Berkey PF-2™ fluoride water filters after approximately 1,000 gallons (3,785 liters) of filtered water. You can taste the difference with these fluoride removing filters. In fact they have a 5 star rating with about 600 people leaving ratings and testimonials (you can read them all on the PF-2 checkout page link below) on just how good the Berkey Fluoride Filters are working for them.

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Where to Buy Berkey Fluoride Filters

Where to buy Berkey fluoride filters? You can see the complete specifications and purchase the specialized Berkey Fluoride Filter units by visiting this page: Berkey Fluoride Filter Kits or by clicking the image below.


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