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Berkey Light

Berkey water filters were the best portable water filters until the Boroux Water Filters came out! Boroux is the new Berkey as the Berkey's are now outdated are no longer being made. Boroux Water Filters are so powerful they are actually a lot more than just a filter. They are water purifiers because of the level of water purification that is achieved by using the Boroux Legacy Water Filters. They take the same black Berkey and Fluoride Filters, although the Boroux Foundation Black Filters are even better! You can still find some old Berkey's at Wallyworld but I recommend going with the new Boroux Filters now.

berkey light water filters

Berkey Light Water Filter

The Berkey Light Water Filter and Purifier uses a three stage gravity water purification system to make your water ultra clean and safe (as well as great tasting).

  • Stage One: (is the outer ceramic filter unit) it filters out all harmful particles, pathogens like giardia, bacteria, cysts and other waterborne contaminants from your drinking water.
  • Stage Two: is the natural sterilization unit, it uses ionic colloidal silver (which quickly wipes out bacteria growth, eliminates virus spreading, and other harmful parasites from contaminating your drinking water).
  • Stage Three: is the Granular Activated Carbon Filter, that removes chloride, chlorine gas odor, organic chemicals like VOC's (volatile organic chemicals) like fungicides, herbicides, pesticides and glyphosates that damage the digestive system.

Unlike most Reverse Osmosis Systems, Berkey Water Filters retain all the beneficial natural minerals (that make water more alkaline and taste great) to pass through, while removing the ones that are harmful for human health. All the Berkey Filters make sure you are not taking in toxins or pathogens of any kind, Berkey has you completely covered – 100% satisfaction guaranteed with a Lifetime Warranty!

Big Berkey Light

Berkey Light vs Big Berkey

Berkey Light vs Big Berkey, what's the difference in size and capacity and filtering ability? Most models (like the Big Berkey Water Filter) are made of highly polished stainless steel and come in a variety of capacities and sizes. The Berkey Light however uses a chemical free and BPA free clear material made specificially to hold water and not leach anything into it. It is very light and makes it easy to transport to any place you want to use it and still have top level water purification capabilities.

Berkey Light Specifications:

  • Holds 2.75 Gallons of Purified Water
  • Weighs 7 pounds when empty
  • Size is 9″ in Diameter and 28″ in Height
  • Produces 3.75 Gallons of Purified Drinking Water per Hour with Standard Filter
  • Produces 7 Gallons of Purified Drinking Water per Hour with 4 Filters Inside

Like the Travel Berkey sizes and up, the Berkey Light is also able to use the fluoride removing filters. You can even use your Berkey Light to filter fluoridated tap water, or bottled water because most of it has high or unsafe levels of sodium fluoride in it. It has the same filtering capacity as the Big Berkey Water Filter at a much lighter weight. It holds about a half gallon more than a Big Berkey Filter so you can use it for a couple more people in need of purified water. It is light in weight not in performance!


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Berkey Light Water Filter System

Although the Berkey Light Water Filter System is a lightweight model, its water filtering ability is not. It removes 99.99% of harmful pathogens to below detectable levels as well as fluoride and chlorine. Sodium Fluoride is a byproduct of aluminum processing. It is being proven to be very harmful to your brain and immune system. It lowers your IQ (particularly for smaller children, infants and even our elderly.) Fluoride builds up and gets lodged in your body tissues and nervous system and leads to brain disorders like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington's as well as other severe neurological conditions.


Contrary to what we've been told by “dental experts” fluoride doesn't stop tooth decay but actually causes dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis and osteoporosis (weak and brittle bones). It greatly weakens your immune system. It’s becoming a health nightmare with people coming down with “mystery illnesses” related to fluoride consumption. It's a no-brainer to remove fluoride from you and your family’s drinking water (and even toothpaste) asap. The Berkey is the only portable water filter line proven to remove this harmful form of fluoride.

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Berkey Light Water Purification System

The Berkey Light Water Purification System. is not just a filter but an advanced water purifier! You pour water from almost any source into the top and you will see pure water come out after it goes through the purification system. The water tastes better than bottled waters too! Additional filters are also available if you need fluoride removal (I recommend it), or want to get the re-usable black Berkey filters for the most economical way to keep all toxins out of your drinking water at the lowest possible price.


Berkey Water Filters remove so many toxic contaminants that they can't all be listed here. If you want to see the complete list of contaminants your Berkey Filter removes, visit the specifications page here. Berkey Light is the lightest portable gravity water filter that is big enough for mid sized families, gatherings, get together's and festivities. You can see the individual specifications for the Berkey Light below.

The Berkey Light Purifies:

  • Heavy Metal Contaminants like Lead, Aluminum, Barium and Mercury
  • Chlorine Gas, Odors and Chlorides
  • Harmful Microbes like Bacteria, Viruses, Amoeba and Pathogens
  • Particles and Sediment
  • VOC’s (pesticides, glyphosates, herbicides, fungicides, etc)
  • Added Fluoride (with a Berkey Fluoride Filter PF-2)

The Berkey Light is a light but very powerful water purification system, that removes all the “nasties” from getting into your drinking water. It not only looks beautiful, but it can stop you and your guests from ever getting the dreaded “Montezuma's revenge” that can taint any outdoor water source. Berkey makes it 100% clean and safe to drink.


I personally know many people who trust their Berkey Filters to keep their drinking water clean and pure. Most people love it so much they highly rate it and recommend it. Just check out the overall ratings for the Berkey Light, they have 4.5 star rating with over 200 reviews. That says a lot about how people love their Berkeys. 

Berkey Light Reviews

Berkey Light Reviews

The Berkey Light is the most popular light weight model of Berkey Water Filters. It works amazingly well. People who use their Light Berkey can tell how much they really love it! I’ve yet to hear anything other than positive comments regarding their Berkey Water Purifier. Here are some of the most current Berkey Light Reviews and personal testimonials on the Berkey Light water purification system; there are many more are available on the Berkey Light checkout page link below as well. 

berkey light reviews

berkey light testimonials

light berkey reviews

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