Berkey Replacement Filters

berkey water filter replacement

Berkey Replacement Filters

Berkey Replacement Filters extend the life of your Berkey water filter. One of the best things, among many, about Berkey water filters is that you can easily get and replace your old filters and elements. You don't need to replace your Berkey filter units when you have used them for a while, all you need to do is get simple original factory Berkey Replacement Filters.

Berkey water filter replacement is easy. They are readily are available for all of your Berkey water filter units! Here is a list of the great line of Berkey Filters in order from largest to smallest:

  • Crown Berkey
  • Imperial Berkey
  • Royal Berkey
  • Big Berkey
  • Berkey Light
  • Travel Berkey
  • Sport Berkey
  • Berkey Shower Filter

And you can get specialty filters for most units including the big Berkey replacement filters like the Berkey PF2 Fluoride Filter and Black Berkey Replacement Elements! With tap water contamination in almost every U.S. city, not just Flint, Michigan either see: Water Poisoning. With the deregulation of the EPA now, it will be more critical than ever that you always have a dozen or so of these Berkey water filters stored away for peace of mind, and health of body!


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When to Replace Berkey Filters

It is important to know When to Replace Berkey Filters to make sure your water is as clean and pure as you need it to be. The most common water filter for the Big Berkey and other Stainless Steel Berkey Filters is the Black Berkey Filters. These last for years! You can clean and re-use them many times. After about 5 years you can see if they need replacing by looking at the filter element after you clean it. If it looks like it's getting worn down, especially with outdoor water sources then it's a no brainer to simple replace them and check it out in another 5 years.


Other filters like the fluoride filters, shower filters and water bottle filters will been need to be checked every year or so to make sure they are still working as well as they should. It all depends on your usage and water source to know how often to replace Berkey filter parts. If you live in a fluoridated tap water area, you will need to replace them at shorter intervals than if you have little fluoride in your area. You can see the individual Berkey replacement filters life expectancy on the individual filter checkout pages for each filter type.


berkey black filter


Black Berkey Water Filters

Black Berkey Water Filters are the most common type of Berkey replacement filters for most Berkey filter units. The Black Berkey Filters are the most powerful replacement water filters on the planet. They are actively tested by filtering water that has over 10,000 times the amount of deadly pathogens per gallon of water than is required by EPA regulations. The level of toxins and pathogens that was used to filter the water with the black Berkey elements was so high (100,000 or more pathogens per gallon) that it is incredible that it could reach a level of not just filtering but complete water purification.


A 99.99 percent reduction of contaminants is needed to be classified as water purification instead of just filtering. That's why most water filters are just that “water filters” and fail this test left and right. They are not true water purifiers like Berkey Water Filters are! Incredibly, Berkey water replacement filters removed 100% of the pathogens from these ongoing tests. I wouldn't settle for anything less for myself, my family or my loved ones. Your health and wellness are too important to settle for things that don't quite cut it. Glad Berkey Makes the Best Berkey replacement filters for all your Berkey Filters! You can get them at the order now button at the bottom of this page.


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Berkey PF2 Filters

The Berkey PF2 Filters are one of the things that makes Berkey Water Purifiers unique. There are not many portable water filters and purifiers that can get out the harmful sodium fluoride that is added to your water in most cities, and even in most bottled waters! Berkey Fluoride Filters are the replacement filters that you can add to most Berkey units to get the toxic fluoride out and protect your brain and immune system.


Berkey Fluoride Filters can really save your health, see Fluoride Toxicity! Fluoride calcifies your pineal gland (also known as the 3rd eye) so you can't use whole brain thinking like you should be able to. Your pineal sits between both brain hemispheres and allows passage of signals to pass between both sides. Sodium fluoride causes it to become calcified and hardened so you are not as sharp as you used to be. In fact it is shown to lower IQ in kids now compared to those that don't drink fluoride or use a fluoride toothpaste. Berkey fluoride filters and Berkey replacement filters are a must for my health and that of my loved ones, and should be for you too! 


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Berkey Shower Filter Replacement

Berkey Shower Filter Replacement like all Berkey replacement filters are easy to do. You want keep your Berkey shower head filtering out the toxic chlorine gas and avoiding dry, itchy skin as well as dry eye and sinus problems. Replacing your Berkey shower filter element can keep you enjoying your showers without any of the nasties that is in your tap water. Berkey has you covered!


Your skin is your largest organ and what comes in contact with it can be easily absorbed. Your sinuses allow things inhaled to pass directly to your brain, and that's why you should never inhale chlorine gas from and unfiltered shower filter. Berkey can save your health from this harmful toxin! To see the shower head and filter together visit: Berkey Shower Filter Review.


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Berkey Water Filter Replacements

You can get all your Berkey Water Filter Replacement cartridges here below. You can even get them for the smallest Berkey filters like the element for your Sport Berkey Filter. These filters are small but powerful, so you don't need to throw out your Berkey Sport Filter, just replace it after using it for a good while. Have a few of these on hand for your next day trip, camping or backpacking adventure and you can be as safe as you can be and have clean pure drinking water. Berkey replacement filters has you covered!


You can get the sport Berkey filter replacement only or get the Sport Berkey Filter with the bottle and filter together. To the the whole kit visit: Berkey Sport! For more information on all Berkey's whole line of replacement water filter cartridges and elements just click the order now button below, and you will see the whole line of Berkey replacement filters, including the one you need. It will show you all the original factory Berkey replacement filters for any Berkey Water Filter unit you may have!


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