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Berkey Shower Filter

The Berkey Shower Filter Review. Most people who use a Berkey Water Filter know how good they are at getting rid of things in your water that have a negative impact on your health. We sometimes forget that we absorb through our skin the same things that we do by eating or drinking. Things like bacteria, amoeba, mold spores, fungi, and other added contaminants like chlorine dioxide. 

A high quality Berkey Shower Filter can stop these things from getting into your body and causing damage. They are easy to install and will protect you and your family from toxic chemicals and pathogens for a long time. It is very important to get a chlorine removing shower filter like the Berkey, before the chlorine become vaporized by steam into harmful chlorine gas.


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Chlorine Gas Effects

Chlorine Gas Effects on your health are numerous. Chlorine, also known as chlorine dioxide is a toxin and carcinogen (cancer causing substance) that has many health risks associated with it. And it turns out that chlorine that is put into our tap water to disinfect it, becomes 6 times more harmful when vaporized in your shower.


It changes from chlorine into chlorine gas (also chloroform gas) while you are showering and trying to feel clean and energized. Instead we are zapping ourselves with a toxic chemical that we need to get out. We inhale this toxic chlorine gas right into our lungs, where it directly enters our bloodstream! Ouch!


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Dangers of Not Filtering out Chlorine in your shower:

  • Irritated eyes
  • Drys out your sinuses
  • Irritates your throat
  • Dries and damages your skin
  • Damages your lung tissues by inhaling the chlorine steam
  • Excessive free radical damage, resulting in accelerated aging
  • Hardening of your arteries
  • Makes your cholesterol sticky and hard to metabolize
  • DNA damage
  • Increases chances of getting cancer

So while we wisely filter our drinking water, we are damaging our health by showering without a good quality shower filter. Unless we filter it and the other toxins in tap water out, they damage our body from the outside in. Chlorine wipes out your healthy gut bacteria needed for proper digestion too.


There are much safer ways to disinfect (vinegar is one) that actually improves your health, rather than destroy your immune system. The chlorine will age you much faster, make your hair dull and brittle, and cause skin itching, irritations and even rashes.


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Chlorine Filter for Shower

You need a Chlorine Filter for Shower that prevents chlorine gas getting into your eyes, skin and lungs! So the best thing you can do besides getting a whole house water filter system is to install a Berkey Chlorine Shower Filter Head unit that reduces and transforms harmful chlorine gas into harmless chlorides that safely pass through your body in your urine.


Benefits of The Berkey Water Filter Systems Showerhead:

  • Works in both hot and cold water

  • Reduces up to 95% of chlorine gas

  • Reduces chemical absorption and vapor inhalation while showering

  • Reduces the levels of iron, iron oxide and hydrogen sulfide

  • Contains bacteriostatic media (KDF-55) to remove pathogens

  • Protects your hair and skin

  • Removes foul tastes and odors

  • Natural Back Flush Attachment to prevent clogging

  • Reduces fungi, mold, lime and scale

  • Nice Massage Shower Head included!


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Berkey Shower Filter

Why is a Berkey Shower Filter a great choice for your own shower? With about 150 recent reviews, it has one of the highest ratings and customer satisfaction levels of any water filter unit, including the chlorine removing shower head. Take a look at a recent review, many more on the checkout page.


See the Berkey Shower Filter testimonial and review below, there are many more like it on the berkey shower head page (link shown at the end of this review:)

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Buy a Berkey Chlorine Removing Shower Filter

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