Berkey Water Filter California

Berkey California


Berkey Water Filter California

The Berkey Water Filter California Conundrum. Berkey Water Filters are the best portable water filters you can buy! If you happen to live in California or Iowa, you will not be able to purchase directly from the manufacturer because of “red tape” in those states. I live in California myself and had to get mine shipped to an out of state friend and then forwarded to me until I discoved a couple alternate sources that worked for me. Berkey California and Iowa sales have different requirements which will be discussed directly below.


It seems anything that can stop you from being poisoned naturally is made hard to purchase in California, and Iowa now too. The good news is that where there is a need, sources will eventually pop up and present themselves. Until we can get rid of money in politics, I guess that's the way it will be. I won't let that stop me from being naturally healthy and having adequate emergency items that I need for myself and my family. I won't drink their toxic tap water either, and neither should you.


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Why Can't I Buy a Berkey in California?

Why Can't I Buy a Berkey in California? You can buy the smaller sized Berkey Filters like the Travel Berkey, Berkey Light and Go Berkey from the manufacturer directly from any of the individual Berkey Filter Product Review Pages at the Menu bar at the top of this page. If you want a Big Berkey or larger size, which people with larger families or that have parties or gatherings like to have then you can get any model of Berkey Filter you need at the bottom of this page.


In any state in the U.S. you can get a Berkey Water Filter without any hassle. Berkey Filters has exceptional filtering capabilities that far exceed any individual state's filtering requirements. However, California and Iowa want small businesses like Berkey to “double dip” and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for their own certification, which is way less than Berkey's third party tests already. They don't care about your health, they add friggin Flouride to the water there “to protect your teeth” please.


The California red tape is well known for small businesses and it is driving them away from this great state. It's not just Berkey Water Filter Units either. Natural Zeolite Powder also can't be directly shipped to California. It just happens to be a natural mineral that gets rid of heavy metals, viruses and cancers. I wonder if it is because it is the only portable water filter that gets rid of toxic fluoride (added to our tap water, they really want us to drink it I suppose.) Gee, I wonder why…


How to get a berkey in California


Berkey California

There are only three Berkey water filter units you can purchase in California from the main manufacturer, and they are the Travel Berkey, Berkey Light and Go Berkey Filters. You can see their individual product pages at the links below for Berkey California residents (Iowa included):

You get free shipping (over $50) for domestic orders and a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all by the manufacturer! You can also get it with free shipping from some vendors if they have the unit you are looking for.


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How to Get a Berkey in California

How to Get a Berkey in California. If you happen to live in California or Iowa, don't let them stop you from access to clean drinking water! However there are ways to keep your family safe and make your own choices for your own health and besides having it shipped to an out of town friend or relative, I discovered you can get them indirectly from other reputable online sources, like Wallyworld (you can even find refurbished units there sometimes as they last forever.)


Here is the best independent distributor location online where you can get a Berkey in California or Iowa (any size or model of Berkey Water Filter) most with free shipping on the standard sized units and sometimes even discounts:Berkey WallyWorld


To return to the main review page or see the information on all Berkey Water Purifiers, like size, number of people served, filtering capabilities Visit: Berkey Water Filter Review.

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  1. Hey thank you so much for the info! I was so sad when I learned I couldn’t have one (Sand Diego) and thanks to your post, I can! I was a few minutes away from asking my brother in Portland to buy it for me and ship it down, but hassle and cost averted thanks to you!


  2. Please refund my order!! I’m in California and can’t receive it. Why would you accept payment from anyone in Cal?? This state SUCKS soooo bad, constantly trying to poison us. … S.O.S.!!!

    • HolisticOrganicHealth

      Hello Gretchen, Which unit did you get? The main U.S. supplier can’t ship to CA because they don’t want to pay hundreds of thousands of $$ for their unique certification (which Berkey already greatly surpasses.) I live in CA too and had to get mine forwarded to me from a friend. I recently discovered an alternative supplier that could get it shipped directly to CA (at the wallyworld link in the article), after I got mine however.

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