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Is Drinking Tap Water Safe?

what is in my tap water

Is Drinking Tap Water Safe?     What's in Tap Water? Is Drinking Tap Water Safe? Is Bottled Water any Better? What is the best drinking water? Usually No, Not Much, and Filtered Water are the answers to the the first three questions. Unless you live in an area like Yosemite National Forest where there water is from melted snow and no fluoride or chemicals added, your tap water is probably not healthy to drink. So, what's in Tap Water?   Tap Water is water from any source (mountain, river, reservoir, reclaimed waste water) that has been treated to prevent some of the major waterborne illnesses like dysentery and Montezuma's revenge. Chlorine, Fluoride and other chemicals are added to make it sterilized. But it it healthy? Are there harmful and gross things in my tap water?   Here are the major things that are showing up in tap water: Lead (not just in Michigan either!) Radiation (being detected in pacific coast water supplies) Fluoride (added for your teeth, so they say) Heavy Metals (Mercury, Aluminum, Barium, Lead) Arsenic Glyphosates and Pesticides  Flushed Prescription Medicines (hormone disrupters, statins, anxiety meds, pain meds, etc.) Brain eating amoeba, viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold spores Chlorine and other toxic chemicals   And these are just a handful of the thousands of chemicals and toxins that are ALLOWED into your drinking tap …

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