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Travel Berkey

If you love the great outdoors, live or work remotely or just want an emergency water filter that is powerful enough to remove microbes and even toxic sodium fluoride then the Travel Berkey Water Filter is exactly what you've been looking for. The Berkey Water System uses top of the line filter elements and a highly polished stainless steel exterior with all BPA free parts.

The Travel Berkey Filter works just as good as it looks. Berkey Filters are the best portable water filter systems you can use to purify water from almost any outdoor source. You can even use it to filter tap water, or get the added stuff (like sodium fluoride) out of your bottled water. 


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Travel Water Filter

Berkeys are Gravity Water Filters which make them the best Travel Water Filter because they use a top chamber where you pour in the water you need to purify. It then passes through a very good microfiltration system, and stores the highly purified drinking water in the bottom chamber. You simply lift our press the spout to enjoy the best tasting drinking water ever.  


The Travel Berkey Water Filter is smallest sized water purifier stainless steel water purifier in the Berkey line. It completely purifies 1.5 gallons at a time, and you can instantly drink the pure clean water at any time.  It is small but sturdy and is the best portable water filter you can get.


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Travel Berkey Water Filter

The Travel Berkey Water Filter and Purifier uses a 3 stage gravity based water purification method. Here is the Travel Berkey Water Filter Review and specifications.

  • 1st Stage: (outer ceramic filter) filters out harmful particles, pathogens like amoeba, bacteria, cysts and other waterborne contaminants that lead to illness from entering your drinking water.
  • 2nd Stage: is the sterilization unit, it uses a colloidal silver layer (which stops bacteria growth, viral replication, and other parasites from contaminating drinking water).
  • 3rd Stage: is a powerful Granular Activated Carbon Filter, that prevents chloride, chlorine gas odor, organic chemicals like VOC's (volatile organic chemicals) like fungicides, herbicides, pesticides and glyphosates that could make you sick.

They allow all the beneficial natural minerals (that make water more alkaline and taste great) to pass through, while removing the ones that are harmful for human health. 


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The Travel Berkey Filter Purifies:

  • Heavy Metals like Lead, Aluminum, Barium and Mercury
  • Chlorine Gas, Odors and Chlorides
  • Harmful Microbes like Bacteria, Viruses, Amoeba and Pathogens
  • Particles of all sizes
  • VOC’s (pesticides, glyphosates, herbicides, fungicides, etc)
  • Sodium Fluoride (with a Berkey Fluoride Filter PF-2)


I highly recommend you get the PF-2 Berkey Fluoride Filters, which are made for all of your stainless steel Berkey Water Filters, including the smaller sized Travel Berkey. The PF-2 Filter kit removes the very toxic sodium fluoride from your drinking water. I even use the Berkey Travel to filter fluoridated tap water, or bottled water because most of it has high or unacceptable levels of fluoride in it.


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Fluoride Filters

Why use fluoride filters? Sodium Fluoride is an industrial poison that is very harmful to your brain and immune system. It lowers your IQ (particularly for infants, children and the seniors among us.) Fluoride accumulates in your body tissues and nervous system and leads to brain disorders like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington's as well as other terrible neurological conditions. The Travel Berkey Water Filter is able to use the Berkey Fluoride Filter units to get toxic fluoride out.


Fluoride also causes dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis and osteoporosis (weak and brittle bones). It greatly weakens your immune system. It’s a no-brainer to remove fluoride from you and your family’s drinking water (and even toothpaste) asap. The Berkey is the only portable water filter line proven to remove this harmful form of fluoride (they usually require RO Systems to get it out!)

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Go Berkey vs Travel Berkey

Go Berkey vs Travel Berkey Water Filter. The Travel Berkey is a small but very powerful water filtration system, that removes all the nasty things from getting into your drinking water. The Go Berkey Kit is the smallest stainless steel water filter that is beautiful and durable and comes with a Sport Berkey Bottle. It does not take the Berkey Fluoride Filter like the Travel Berkey does.


The Travel Berkey vs Big Berkey. Big Berkey is the next size up from the Berkey Travel Filter and is made for 2-4 people. The Travel Berkey Filter is half the size and capacity and that is why it is great for travel as it can fit in a backpack. The Travel Berkey is beautifully adorned in a sturdy and rugged, yet great looking stainless steel water filter unit that is built to last decades.


Just ask anyone who is fortunate enough to own one. I personally know many people who trust their Berkey Water Filters to keep their water clean and pure, and they absolutely love it so much they are always recommending it. They’ve also had their Berkey Filters a very long time! Just check out the overall ratings for the Travel Berkey, they have 5 star rating with over 800 reviews. That says a lot about how people love their Berkey Water Filters. 


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Berkey Travel Water Filter System Specs

Below are the dimensions, water holding capacity, and filtering rate specifications for the Berkey Travel Water Filter. Additional filters are also available if you need fluoride removal (I recommend it), or want to get the re-usable black Berkey filters for the most economical way to keep all toxins out of your drinking water at the lowest possible price.


The Travel Berkey removes so many contaminants that they can't all be listed here. If you want to see the complete list of toxins and particles it removes, you can see it here. Berkey Travel is the best small portable gravity water filter for your personal use. You can see the individual specifications for the Berkey Travel below.


Travel Berkey Specifications:

  • Holds 1.5 Gallons of Purified Water
  • Weighs 6 pounds when empty
  • Size is 7.5″ in Diameter and 19″ in Height
  • Produces 2.75 Gallons of Purified Drinking Water per Hour


The Travel Berkey is a highly popular small sized model of Berkey Water Filter Units. It works really well and lasts practically forever. People who use the Travel Berkey can tell how much they really love it! I’ve yet to hear anything other than positive comments regarding their Berkey Water Filters. Here is one of the latest owners give a Berkey Travel Review and there are many more are available on the Travel Berkey checkout page link below as well. 


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How to Buy a Travel Berkey

Click on the following link or More Information button below to get your own Travel Berkey Water Filter. Make sure you and your loved ones will always have clean and pure safe drinking water, wherever you are with a Berkey Travel Water Filter!


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