Is Drinking Tap Water Safe?

Is Drinking Tap Water Safe?


what is in my tap water


What's in Tap Water?

Is Drinking Tap Water Safe? Is Bottled Water any Better? What is the best drinking water? Usually No, Not Much, and Filtered Water are the answers to the the first three questions. Unless you live in an area like Yosemite National Forest where there water is from melted snow and no fluoride or chemicals added, your tap water is probably not healthy to drink. So, what's in Tap Water?


Tap Water is water from any source (mountain, river, reservoir, reclaimed waste water) that has been treated to prevent some of the major waterborne illnesses like dysentery and Montezuma's revenge. Chlorine, Fluoride and other chemicals are added to make it sterilized. But it it healthy? Are there harmful and gross things in my tap water?


Here are the major things that are showing up in tap water:

  • Lead (not just in Michigan either!)
  • Radiation (being detected in pacific coast water supplies)
  • Fluoride (added for your teeth, so they say)
  • Heavy Metals (Mercury, Aluminum, Barium, Lead)
  • Arsenic
  • Glyphosates and Pesticides 
  • Flushed Prescription Medicines (hormone disrupters, statins, anxiety meds, pain meds, etc.)
  • Brain eating amoeba, viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold spores
  • Chlorine and other toxic chemicals


And these are just a handful of the thousands of chemicals and toxins that are ALLOWED into your drinking tap water! Bottled Water is just tap water with the smell of chlorine removed, not chlorine or fluoride. It is expensive tap water, that is bad for you and bad for the environment too.


It's no longer a question of if you need a drinking water filter, but which one purifies the water in your area. Don't be “Tapped Out” get a filter have have peace of mind and much better health!



tap water safe to drink


Filtered Drinking Water Benefits

There are many benefits of Filtered Drinking Water. Since our bodies are mostly made up of water (70-80%) it makes sense to fill our bodies with a water that is clean and will improve the way we look, think and feel. A good drinking water filter can give you some powerful benefits:

  • Detox Your Body (flush stored chemicals from your organs and cells)
  • Improve Brain Function (fluoride lowers IQ and Immune System)
  • Improve Hair and Skin (better hydration)
  • Better Performance (mental and physical)
  • Lose Excess Body Fat (release toxins stored in your body fat)
  • Reduce Your Risk of Disease (proper pH water improves resistance to illness)
  • Improve Your Mood (fluoride is the major ingredient in anti-depressants that worsens depression)
  • Greater Overall Health (higher oxygen availability to your cells)

So, which is the best drinking water filter? It depends on your individual needs and lifestyle and only the best will be reviewed here.


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Best Drinking Water Filter

With a really good drinking water filter, you will be able to remove up to 99.9% of the toxins and “nasties' that are in you and your families tap water. Some drinking water filters are really great and others hardly do anything at all. I'm sure you'be heard of Brita and Pur water filters. They are like the K-Mart of water filters, no offense to K-Mart. 


Brita and Pur water filters are simple filters that improve the smell and taste (not very much) of tap water. They do not remove chlorine or fluoride (or any of the chemicals, metals or viruses either.) You can't use it to purify any outdoor source. They are a big waste of time and money if you ask me. Then don't do the job of a water filter. My favorite by a long shot is the Berkey Water Filter System for many reasons!


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Berkey Water Filters

Why Berkey Water Filters? When your see your Berkey Water Filter (really a water purifier, because it doesn't just filter, it purifies it to a very high degree), you will easily understand how good they are! They not only look like the best filter by a longshot, they are the best. They filter out about 99% of all contaminants, all the stuff that tap and bottled water leaves in!


Berkey filters use a stainless steel construction that lasts almost a lifetime. With a water purification that about as good as a reverse osmosis system, but without having to hire a plumber to install it for you. It requires no electricity and can be used anywhere. They are gravity water filters that use a top down easy to use system to purify your water from almost any source.


Pour the water you need purified in the top, wait a few minutes as gravity allows your water to pass through the advanced filtration units (fluoride filters available for all stainless steel Berkey Filters), and lift or press the bottom spout to enjoy highly purified and great tasting drinking water. At about a penny or two per gallon, it is the best water you can get at the best price!


For a complete guide to all the models and capacities (from sports bottle to party size), visit Berkey Water Filter Review, or click on the Berkey Filter below to get your own now!


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Tyent Water Ionizers

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